Best branch of engineering in 2021

Engineering is one of the hottest streams among all education streams. there is no denying that. Engineering has tremendous scope in future as it features all essential specialization in almost all of the sectors to pursued their education.

All of industrial market is dependent on engineering so certainly it offers superb scope as soon as you come out of college. having the biggest market in any industry is the biggest trait of engineering. it also establishes the fact that this market is everlasting and non-volatile.

It would be a little biased to favor any of the engineering branch and declare it as the best. The whole thing depends on current technology, market value of said field, current trends and lastly road ahead.

These are some factors that come into play when discussing advantages of one another. we will be using and discussing these factors in deciding some of the best branches in engineering in 2021.


Computer Science

Computer Science is undoubtedly one of the most preferred branches among the students seeking admission into engineering. After the rise of emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Data Science to name a few, the scope is extensive for computer science graduates.

IT industry is always at a all time boom so its no wonder it has amazing job offers in terms of financial and carrier growth factors. IT engineers has some of the most handsome beginner salary packages among other streams.

Due to involvement of intellectual properties, high skill set requirements and mostly technical field this stream is one of most paying among other streams. some might consider this as “best branch” in their own rights.

Insights of Computer Science Engineering

salary of beginner level engineer fresh off of campus on average is near about INR 5-7 LPA. some product based companies offer hefty amout nearing INR 18-25 LPA also.

Employability of IT is as always all time high. There is no shortage of job variety. Jobs ranging from Consulting Firms, Software Companies, MNCs, Robotics Engineering, etc.

If we talk about government employment then this field has a slight catch. usually there quota is filled by graduated from IIT’s and NIT’s. if you wish to get such jobs then you must prepare for GATE exam.


Mechanical Engineering

Referred to as the mother of all engineering branches, mechanical engineering is considered one of the toughest studies.The future is bright with rewarding career options.

In recent years automobile and robotics industry is growing larger at a exponential scale catching up to scale of IT industry though comparision between thems doesn’t feel justifies as they are somewhat interdependent. This has led to opening up hoards of opportunities for mechanical engineering.

Insights of Mechanical Engineering

Salary of beginner level engineer usually lands in between INR 3.5-6 LPA

Employability scale is enormous in mechanical field ranging from Automobile, manufacturing plants, robotics, equipment manufacturing, etc.

similar to IT this field also benefits from globalization of companies opening up mountain of international opportunities right out of the start.


Civil Engineering

You build your future in the construction industry with civil engineering. With the use of automation and launch of new schemes for infrastructural development, India has become a hot hub for the rise of civil engineers. It has a lot of potential for your growth.

As stated earilier automation has brought about a change in construction stream that will explode with growth in coming years and no one can say otherweise to this everneeding and evergrowing fiel of work.

Rise in number of construction companies, government services, public work departments has led to open gap for jobs in this sectors  that’s ready to gallop skilled engineers with a handsome pay.

Insights of Civil Engineering

Salary of a beginner level civil engineer ranges from INR 3.5-6 LPA which is least from above two giants. this is due to the gap in technologies and work structure. this does not mean that this branch is inferior to mechanical or computer.

since construction of any sort is bane of engineering fundamentals, this is a undying industry, which results in employability in Construction companies, Public Works Department, etc.

Electrical & Electronics Engineering

This is one of the most conventional & promising streams of engineering and offers a lot of scope to budding engineering. It offers the career opportunities that are not only rewarding but also are full of potential.

Insights of Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Salary at beginner level is INR 2.3-6 LPA.

Employability ranges from Electrical component production, electronic product manufacturing, electrical system production, etc.
The above-discussed 4 branches are the pillars of engineering education in India.


Choosing the best branch in engineering is up to personal preference and above mentioned criterion. each branch features some promises others can’t and similar for limitations. one branch overcomes limitations of another one and lacks in some potent for next branch.

Even though that is the case we can still determine which are pillars of engineering and hence are able to determine some of the better branches which according to you might just be the best branches in engineering in 2021.



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