Diploma Vs HSC which is Better? 

Diploma vs. HSC which is better?

If you are in SSC or your SSC exams are over then you may be making a decision on whether to choose from diploma or HSC.

There are a lot of factors that come into play when making this decision. In this article we will learn about those factors from experiences from both sides.

Basic information about both streams

Diploma/polytechnic is a highway leading straight to jobs or proceeding studies like engineering, pharmacy, etc. It focuses more on practices and has contents that will help you tremendously to get through graduation.

HSC is like a fork in a road which leads to multiple destinations. As its focus is more broad you have multiple carrier options; you can choose to go for engineering, medical field, pharmaceuticals and so much more.

Factors affecting your decision

1.Clarity of your end goal

Choosing between HSC or diploma is a matter of carrier choice. Having a clear path envisioned helps a lot in this factor. For example if you know you want to peruse engineering or pharmacy then diploma is practically best choice for you.

While in case of HSC if you are uncertain about your interests, carrier choice or you just like to learn about all choices and then choose then HSC provides some insight on it by introduction syllabubs from a broader perspective.

Education levels

Diploma course provides core subject nearly identical syllabus to that of engineering, and on top of that practical knowledge about said field in a span of three years. Which means you will learn plenty about about your field in a relaxed and structured way.

In HSC you only get two years to prepare for your subjects, which sometimes feels cramped, you will have to prepare for JEE/NEET in the same period. You will get significantly less practical knowledge for your further studies either.

Preparing for graduation

Diploma prepares you well for engineering. In the three years of diploma you will have experienced it all practical, orals, externals, projects, internships, group activities, actual college environment, submissions.

These are all the things that regular students will find difficult to adjust and some even fail at it. While you will clear out everything like a champ. you will basically get a head start in graduation.

Financial status

coming straight to point overall diploma costs less relatively to HSC, you cut down high college fees, external classes fees for JEE/NEET, you get scholarships and save a year of budget of engineering as you effectively cut down a whole year of it by taking admission directly in second year.

Not to mention if you cannot afford the higher studies then you can look for jobs coming straight out of diploma. And I am talking about real industry related jobs.

Similarities in engineering and diploma

If you look at diploma and engineering from educational point of view they are almost same apart from the fact that engineering expands on the concepts of diploma.

The syllabus of both streams is so similar that only few subjects will feel truly new. This ensures your mastery on your subjects. And prepares you well for jobs and internships.

The vital parts of your studies for a example field like computer engineering are algorithms, data structures, programming languages, different technologies, computer graphics, terminologies, supporting studies like electronics, circuit designs, logic, various IDES(IDES are development platforms which supports certain frameworks).

And all these subjects/concepts are covered in diploma. It doesn’t get any more easy than this. You basically have 3 years to learn engineering and another three in engineering to aster that.

Time taken by diploma vs. HSC

Both DIPLOMA and  HSC require same amount of time to graduate and has no advantages or disadvantages on one another related for time.

HSC way takes 2 years for 11th,12th and then you get admission in 1st of engineering which will be 4 years course. So 2+4 will get you 6years for graduation.

Diploma  is a course of 3 years and you will get admission directly in 2nd year of engineering so engineering course will be of three years which again amounts to 6 years of graduation time so no completion here.


  • If you have fixed goal in mind diploma is best choice for you.
  • Diploma better prepares you for engineering.
  • Diploma is less costly
  • HSC students face hardships in engineering


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